Muzzleloader Conversion Barrel

Do not attempt to assemble, load or use the Muzzleloading barrel until you thoroughly read and understand the information contained in this shotgun Owner's Manual and the contents of the Muzzleloading Barrel Owner's Manual.

You have a responsibility to obtain proper training on how to use and maintain your firearm. Certified and reputable instructions are offered by the National Rifle Association, The National Muzzleloading Rifle Association, Black Powder Association as well as state and local organizations. Seek guidance from an instructor who is qualified by one of these organizations.

Be certain the shotgun Owner's Manual and the Muzzleloading Barrel Owner's Manual are available for reference and supplied with the shotgun and/or the Muzzleloading Barrel if transferred to another party.

If either manual is lost or misplaced, request a free replacement copy from Mossberg.

Consult your local Department of Natural Resources and Wildlife or guidelines to confirm that this muzzleloading product will conform to local seasonal and legal requirements.

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