Pistol Grip Installation


a. Move the safety button fully rearward to the "ON" (SAFE) position and keep muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

b. Open the action, visually and phsycially check chamber, elevator and magazine tube to be certain the firearm is unloaded.

To Remove Buttstock:

1) Loosen the top screw holding the recoil pad or buttplate on stock. Note: Most models use Phillips head screws.

2) Loosen and remove the bottom recoil pad or buttplate screw.

3) Swing the recoil pad or buttplate around the top screw which will allow access to the stock bolt through the stock butt hole.

4) Check stock bolt head configuration. Some models use a slotted head,others use a 1/2 in. hex head.

5) Loosen and remove stock bolt by turning it counterclockwise. The stock may now be removed from the receiver.

Installation of Pistol Grip:

1) Align mounting hole in pistol grip with threaded hole in rear of the receiver.

2) Slip washers on bolt. Insert bolt through pistol grip into hole in receiver. Finger tighten bolt to insure threads are properly engaged. If you encounter difficulty, unscrew both and repeat procedure.

3) Using Allen wrench supplied, tighten bolt very snugly.

Fig. 16

Upon firing, recoil force will cause the shotgun to move rearward and upward. Never hold the shotgun at eye level and attempt to sight down the barrel. To avoid possible injury, grip the shotgun securely with one hand on the forearm and one hand on the pistol grip. Pistol grip models are designed to be held at waist level when firing.

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