To Reassemble

1) Insert one plastic follower into each magazine tube in the stock. Be sure the hollow portion of the follower is facing toward the rear of the stock.

2) Insert one spring in each of the two magazine tubes. The springs will fit inside the cupped end of the followers inserted in the previous step.

3) Screw the recoil pad screws into the recoil pad until the screw points come through the opposite side about 1/8 of an inch. Place the pad against the springs so that the end of each spring rests against the recessed area on the pad.

4) Compress the springs into the tubes by pushing the pad flush against the stock. Adjust the pad until you feel the points of the screws fit into the pre-drilled holes in the stock.

5) While maintaining pressure on the pad, tighten the recoil pad screws securely. Do not overtighten screws.

6) Check for free movement of the followers by pushing them into the magazine tube with your finger and allowing them to snap back into position under spring pressure.

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