Trigger Housing Assembly Installation

NOTE: Hammer must be in the fully-cocked position to allow the trigger housing to be inserted in the receiver.

Hold the cartridge stop and cartridge interrupter in place firmly against the receiver walls with one hand and grasp the trigger housing assembly with the other (Fig. 9).

Insert the lugs, on each side of the front corner of the trigger housing into the slots on each side of the receiver (Fig. 14-A), then ease the rear of the housing assembly down and into position (Fig. 14-B). DO NOT FORCE!

NOTE: If the trigger housing does not fit into place easily, check that all internal trigger housing pins are flush with the side of the housing and that the cartridge interrupter and cartridge stop are positioned properly.

Align the trigger pin hole in the housing asembly with those in the receiver. Insert the trigger housing pin and push in fully until flush with the side of the receiver (Fig. 14).

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