Trigger Housing Removal

Position the shotgun on a clean surface with the trigger guard upward. With a blunt object (no greater than 3/16" [4.76 mm] diameter), push out the small diameter trigger housing retainer pin located on the side of the receiver, approximately a 1/2" (12.7 mm) below the rear of the trigger guard (Fig. 8).

Remove the trigger housing assembly by lifting the rear portion upward first.

The trigger housing is a complex assembly and must not be disassembled. Disassembly should only be performed by the factory or a qualified gunsmith.

The trigger housing is a complex assembly and must not be disassembled. Disassembly should only be performed by the factory or a qualified gunsmith.

Mossberg 835 Trigger Disassembly

Do not pull the trigger and allow the hammer to fall when the trigger housing assembly is removed from the receiver. To do so may result in personal injury or damage to the assembly.

CAUTION: Before performing any further disassembly, take time to study how the internal components are arranged inside the receiver.


CAUTION: Pay special attention to the position of the bolt, bolt slide and action slide bar assembly during this portion of the disassembly, as the parts must be in the same relationship during reassembly.

Remove the cartridge interrupter from the ejection port side and cartridge stop from the opposite side. (It may be necessary to tap the sides of the receiver lightly to release these parts) (Fig. 9).

Mossberg 500 Bolt Slide

Move the forearm/action slide assembly rearward so that the bolt assembly and bolt slide are three quarters of the way rearward. When the bottom of the bolt slide is aligned with the clearance cuts in the sides of the receiver, lift the bolt slide upward and out of the receiver (Fig. 10).

Remove the bolt assembly by sliding it forward and out of the receiver assembly through the barrel opening at the front of the receiver (Fig. 11-A).

NOTE: The safety button located on the upper rear of the receiver must be fully rearward in the "ON" (SAFE) position to remove the elevator assembly (Fig.2).

Pivot the front portion of the elevator upward out of the receiver (Fig. 11-B). Squeeze the two arms which form the open end of the elevator assembly together sufficiently to disengage and remove the elevator from the receiver (Fig. 11-C).

Mossberg 500 Elevator

Remove the forearm/action slide assembly by sliding it forward and off the magazine tube.

A CAUTION: Field disassembly is now complete! The shotgun should not be disassembled further for routine cleaning or maintenance. Further disassembly should only be performed at the factory or by a qualified gunsmith.

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