OA SeriesOA Lower

Stock No.

OA-0001 AR72 AR73 AR71A AR84 AR83 AR91 AR94 AR64 AR64 AR92

No. Description

1 Lower Receiver

2 Pistol Grip Screw

3 Grip Screw Washer

4 Pistol Grip A-2

5 Safety Spring

6 Safety Detent

7 Trigger

8 Trigger Spring

9 Trigger Pin

10 Hammer Pin

11 Trigger Guard

12 Trigger Guard Roll Pin AR93

13 Disconnector AR26

14 Disconnector Spring AR27

15 Takedown Pin AR88

16 Takedown Pin Detent AR89

17 Takedown Pin Detent Spring


$18 Magazine Catch Button AR70 $19 Magazine Catch Spring AR69 $20 Magazine Catch AR68

21 Bolt Catch AR7

22 Bolt Catch Plunger AR8

23 Bolt Catch Roll Pin AR9

24 Bolt Catch Spring AR10

25 Safety Selector AR82



27 Hammer Spring

Stock No.

AR63 AR65

Takedown Pin, Rear AR88 Takedown Pin Detent, Rear


$30 Takedown Pin Detent Spring


5x40 Set Screw OA-0002 Folding Stock Bolts OA-0030 Folding Stock OA-0031

Folding Stock Spacer OA-0032 Locking Ring OA-0033

$31 t32 t33 t34 t35

t Parts exclusive to OA-93

Carbine only $ Parts exclusive to OA-93 pistol only (not applicable to OA-96)

10 A

+1 0

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