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To avoid accidental firing, BE SURE WEAPON IS CLEAR. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death.

Be sure the cam pin is installed in the bolt group. If it isn't, your OA-93/OA-96 can still fire and will explode, causing injury or death.

DO NOT exchange or switch bolt assemblies from one OA-93/OA-96 to another. It could cause damage to both you and your weapon. DO NOT attempt to install a standard AR-15 or M-16 bolt or bolt carrier in your OA-93/OA-96. Any attempt to do so will cause damage to both you and it. DON'T OVERHEAT YOUR OA-93/OA-96's BARREL. Sustained firing of the OA-93/OA-96 will rapidly raise the temperature of the barrel to a critical point. Firing 140 rounds, rapidly and continuously will raise the temperature of the barrel to the COOKOFF POINT. At this temperature, any live round remaining in the chamber for any reason may cookoff (detonate) in as short a period as 10 seconds.

If the cookoff point is felt to be possible, CLEAR YOUR WEAPON AND ALLOW IT TO COOL.

Sustained rate of fire for the OA-93/OA-96 is 12-15 rounds per minute. This is the actual rate of fire that this weapon can continue to deliver for an indefinite length of time without seriously overheating.

Sustained rate of fire should never be exceeded except under circumstances of extreme urgency.

If your bolt fails to unlock and you try to free it by banging the receiver assembly, keep clear of the muzzle.

If there's water in the barrel, don't fire the weapon. It could explode. If you experience a noticeable difference in sound or recoil, STOP FIRING. Either condition could indicate an incomplete propellant burn and a bullet still in the bore. Retract bolt slowly and remove fired cartridge case. Clear weapon and check for unburned powder grains in the receiver or bore, and for a bullet in the bore. Remove unburned propellant or bullet from bore before resuming firing or barrel could explode. If bullet is lodged in bore, take your carbine to a qualified gunsmith.

If your OA-93/OA-96 stops firing with a live round in the chamber of a hot barrel, remove the round quickly. If you cannot remove the round within 10 seconds, point the OA-93/OA-96 in a safe direction and wait 15 minutes. In this way, you won't be injured by a possible ammunition cookoff, which could happen within 10 seconds after contact with a hot chamber. Clear your OA-93/OA-96.

Use only authorized brass case ammunition that is manufactured in the U.S.A., to U.S. specifications. Do not use re-manufactured or imported ammunition. Please read this manual carefully before attempting to use your OA-93/ OA-96.


Technical Principles of Operation, OA-93 and OA-96 Series 4 Operating Instructions

Description and Use of Operator's Controls 5

Loading 6-7

Chambering and Firing 8-9

Clearing 10-12

Operation under Unusual Conditions 13

Field Stripping - OA-93 /OA-96 All Models 14

OA-93 Carbine Model 1 15

OA-93/OA-96 Model 1 16

OA-93/OA-96 & Carbine Model 2 17

Exploded Views, Upper Receiver 18

Bolt Carrier Disassembly 20-21

Cleaning and Lubricating Upper Receiver and Barrel Assembly 22

Bolt Carrier Assembly 23-24

Lower Receiver 25

Bolt and Bolt Carrier Reassembly 26-27

Reassembly of OA-93 and OA-96 Series 28-31

Function Check 32

Exploded Views, Stock and Lower Receiver 33-34

THIS MANUAL covers all variants of the OA-93/OA-96 series, with separate instructions for all three models. Look at the end of the recoil rod above the muzzle to determine which instructions to follow.

OA-93 Carbine OA-93 & OA-96 OA-93,OA-96 & Model 1 Model 1 Carbine Model 2

OA-93 Carbine OA-93 & OA-96 OA-93,OA-96 & Model 1 Model 1 Carbine Model 2


The OA-93 series is an amorphous firearm, available in a variety of barrel lengths and (depending upon federal restrictions) available with or without a folding stock. For these reasons, the terms pistol and carbine are sometimes used interchangeably in this manual.

The OA-96 is a distinct sub-species of the OA-93 family. While it shares many parts and procedures with the OA-93 series, it is not available with a folding stock, it has no magazine release sub-assembly, and the magazine is pinned and welded in place. All items referring exclusively to the OA-96 are marked with a star (*) and boxed with a double rule.

Technical Principles of Operation nu i c o

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