Phoenix Conversion Full Auto

Phoenix Arms® Deluxe Range Kit

At Home On The Range

• HP22A Sport/Target Pistol — in satin nickel or polished blue, with black checkered grips.

• Standard 3-mch barrel and extended 5 Inch vent-rib target barrel.

• Standard lOiound magazine and extended magazine with integrated grip.

• Exclusive HP pistol lock keyed to match the locking transport case.

• Bottle of Break Free1 CLP gun oil.

• Firearms safety pamphlet.

• Warranty card & HP Instruction Manual.

• High-impact locking transport case.

• Official Phoenix Arms embroidered patch.

• You get everything listed above Except the standard 3' barrel and standard magazine.

Pursuant To STate Of California

A Warning

Children are attracted to and can operate firearms that can cause severe injuries or death. prevent child access by always keeping guns locked away and unloaded when not in use. if you keep a loaded firearm where a child obtains and improperly uses it, you may be fined or sent to prison.

A Advertencia a los niños los atraen las armas de fuego y las pueden hacer funcionar. Ellos pueden causarse lesiones graves y la muerte. Evite que los niños tengan acceso a las armas de fuego guardándolas siempre con llave y descargadas cuando no las esté utilizando. Si usted tiene un arma de fuego cargada en un lugar en que un niño tiene acceso a ella y la usa indebidamente, le pueden dar una multa o enviarlo a la carcel.


do not store, carry, drop, drive a vehicle, bicycle, walk or run with a live round in the chamber. A gun that is dropped bumped or jarred with a live round in the chamber might accidentally discharge, even with the safety on causing injury to you or someone else.

Always wear proper shooting glasses to prevent eye injury from flying particles.

Always use hearing protection to prevent ear damage due to repeated exposure to gun fire noise.

do not handle this pistol with out first checking chamber for live cartridges, pistol should be cleaned following each use. Refer to cleaning instructions in this booklet.

Never shoot at a hard, flat surface or at the surface of water. Bullets can ricochet causing serious injury to you or others.


Never depend on any firearms safety device, use caution.

Do not alter any of components of this pistol.

if the trigger is pulled while the safety is in the "FIRE" position, this pistol will fire any cartridge left in the barrel!

Ammunition used in this firearm contains lead. The use of this ammunition may expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, and reproductive harm. shooting full metal jacket ammunition will greatly reduce your exposure to lead. always wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning firearms or handling ammunition.

Never point pistol at anything you do not intend to shoot, damage, injure or kill.

Never place your finger on the trigger unless the pistol is pointed in a safe direction and you are ready to shoot it.


do not put ammunition into this pistol, or magazine until you have read these instructions and fully understand all functions and safe handling of this pistol.

do not attempt to use this firearm until you have completely read this manual. a thorough understanding of this pistol and its safety system is absolutely necessary. never place your finger on the trigger unless the pistol is pointed in a safe direction and you are ready to shoot it. After removing magazine (clip) from pistol always look into the chamber end of the barrel for any remaining ammunition. do not store firearm with a cartridge in the barrel. keep out of reach of children and those not familiar with the safe handling and operation of this pistol.

Firearms safety is up to you. Make no mistake about it. Alcohol, drugs and guns dont mix.

Keep this manual with pistol when not in use and when transferring ownership.

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