Breath Control

During combat, the Marine's breathing and heart rate often increase due to physical exertion or the stress of battle. The key to breath control in field firing is to stop breathing just long enough to fire an accurate shot or a series of shots.

Chapter 4 Pistol Firing Positions and Grip

The M9 service pistol is fired from the standing, kneeling, and prone positions. Each firing position may be adapted to either a Weaver or Isosceles variation, each possessing a distinct advantage in combat. The Weaver variation stabilizes the pistol sights. The Isosceles variation manages recoil. The advantages apply whether the Marine is firing in the standing, kneeling, or prone position. The Marine must select and assume a stable firing position that provides a solid foundation for accurate shooting while meeting the demands of the combat situation

Note: The procedures in this chapter are written for right-handed Marines; left-handed Marines should reverse directions as needed.

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