Condition Reload

When only one hand is available, a Condition 1

reload can be performed as follows:

• Point the muzzle in a safe direction and position the pistol to allow for removal of the magazine (e.g., between the thighs, in the bend of the knee, in the holster, tucked in the cartridge belt, on the deck against the body). Any position is correct if it allows the magazine well to be exposed.

• Withdraw a filled magazine from the ammunition pocket.

• Press the magazine release button and remove the magazine from the pistol. If using the right hand, press the magazine release button with the thumb. If using the left hand, press the magazine release button with the index finger.

Insert the filled magazine into the magazine well, seating it with the heel of the hand. Stow the partially-filled magazine (e.g., inside the cartridge belt, in the cargo pocket). Grasp the pistol grip and remove the pistol from its secured location, keeping the trigger finger straight and off the trigger until ready to fire.

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