Offset Aiming

When the Marine assesses the situation and determines his shots are not successful and not striking the target in the designated aiming area, he may employ offset aiming. Since the pistol's sights cannot be adjusted, offset aiming is applied to adjust the aiming area and to cause rounds to strike center mass. This technique should only be applied when the Marine determines that he is applying the fundamentals of marksmanship correctly. Sight picture will change as the aiming area is adjusted.

The known strike of the round offset aiming technique requires shifting the point of aim to compensate for rounds striking off target center. To effectively engage a target using this technique, the Marine must be able to see where the rounds are striking and then aim an equal distance from the center of the aiming area opposite the observed strike of the round. For example, if the rounds are striking the target high and left of center mass, aim an equal and opposite distance low and right.

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