Remedial Action

There is no one set of procedures (i.e., immediate action) that can be performed to clear all or even most of the stoppages that can occur with the M9 service pistol. Therefore, remedial action requires investigating the cause of the stoppage, clearing the stoppage, and returning the pistol to operation. When performing remedial action, the Marine should seek cover if the tactical situation permits. Once a pistol ceases to fire, the Marine must visually or physically observe the pistol to identify the problem before it can be cleared:

Note: The steps taken to clear the pistol are based on what is observed.

• Remove the finger from the trigger and place it straight along the receiver.

• Bring the pistol in close to the body and in a position to observe the chamber.

• Pull the slide to the rear while observing the chamber area to identify the stoppage. See figure 2-24 on page 2-14.

Note: Ensure the pistol does not move to safe when pulling the slide to the rear.

Figure 2-24. Observing Chamber.

Correct the stoppage:

o If there is a round in the magazine but not in the chamber (see fig. 2-25), the slide is released and a round is observed being chambered.

Figure 2-25. Round in Magazine but Not in Chamber.

Figure 2-25. Round in Magazine but Not in Chamber.

If a round being chambered is not observed, the bottom of the magazine is tapped to seat it properly, and the slide is racked to the rear. See figure 2-26.

If there is no round in the magazine or chamber, a reload is conducted. See figure 2-27.

Figure 2-26. Round Not Being Chambered.
Figure 2-27. No Round in Magazine or Chamber.
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