Scanning Figure Eight Scan

Scanning is the use of off-center vision to observe an area or object and involves slowly moving the eyes in a series of separate movements across the objective area. See figure 10-2. To execute a figure eight scan, move the eyes in a figure eight pattern in short, abrupt, irregular movements over and around the area. Once a target indicator has been detected, focus should be concentrated in that area, but not directly at it. It is more effective to scan from a prone position or

Figure 10-1. Off-Center Vision.

a position closer to the ground than the object being observed, creating a silhouetted view of the object. When scanning an area, look and listen for the same target indicators as in daylight: movement, sound (which seems louder at night than during daylight), and improper camouflage. Also, objects in bright moonlight/starlight cast shadows just as in sunlight.

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