The principal difficulties which confront the shooter during aiming are determined by the inherent characteristics of the organ of vision -- the eye -- and its work as an optical apparatus during the aiming process.

It is well known that the aiming process makes very exacting demands upon the vision, ince consistency and degree of accuracy are directly dependent upon the sharpness of vision and the conditions determining them. Therefore, it is necessary for the shooter to have a knowledge of certain of the optical properties of the eye. He must know the degree and the conditions under which the optical imperfections of the eye can affect the accuracy of aiming.

Figure A2-1. Horizontal Cross Section of the Human Eye (Right Eye)

1. Cornea (transparent, grasslike portion of coat of eyeball).

2. Conjunctiva (mucous membrane which lines eyelids and is reflected onto eyeball).

3. Ciliary muscle (smooth muscles, controlling alteration of crystalline lens).

4. Muscle of eyeball.

5. Space posterior to crystalline lens.

6. Sclera (toughest of the three membranes, forming the outer protective and supporting layer of the eye ball).

7. Choroid (vascular coat of the eye).

8. Retina (innermost tunic of the eye, containing receptors, rods and cones).

9. Optic disk (blind spot of retina).

10. Optic nerve (transfers images from retina to visual nerve centers located in the brain).

11. Anterior chamber (filled with aqueous humor).

12. Iris (opening in center is called the pupil, contains groups of smooth muscles that dilate and contract pupil).

13. Posterior chamber (filled with aqueous humor).

14. Suspensory ligaments (zonule of Zinn).

15. Crystalline lens (transparent biconvex body enclosed in transparent sheath, suspended from ciliary body by suspensory ligaments).

16. Vitreous (transparent jelly-like substance contained within transparent membrane close to retina).

17. Fovea central is (a pit in the middle of the macula lutea).

18. Macula Lutea (point of clearest vision, contains greatest number of cones).

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