1. A technique is the method of performing the procedures of an operation.

2. A technique of slow fire that will permit a pistol shooter to compete successfully will include:

a. Painstaking preparation.

b. Thorough planning.

c. Systematic relaxation of muscular system.

d. Intense concentration.

e. Coordination of all the fundamental factors in delivery of an accurate shot.

f. Analysis of shot delivery.

g. Correction of errors.

h. Strict uniformity of execution of the above is required to insure duplication of a good performance time after time.

3. The factors regarding the technique of slow fire shooting should not be regarded as hard and fast which demand strict execution of each point. In competitive shooting, as in any other sport, there are no established rules on technique that apply to all persons.

4. The shooter should accept the material in this chapter in a critical manner, using it as a guide in finding his own style of shooting - a style that fits his temperament, individual ability and physical construction.

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