Bbasis For A Good Physical Condition

A physical training program should be progressive. It is not necessary or is it generally considered wise to strive for the peak condition sought by a track athlete or a professional football player. Violent and strenuous athletics which may result in injuries should be avoided.

The competition shooter must possess the following basic physical and physiological characteristics:

1. An adequately developed muscular system (this is especially true for the muscles of the abdomen, arms, and legs) and the endurance to fire many shots without perceptible worsening of results.

2. Lungs must have a high oxygen assimilation factor so that long pauses between inhalation will not cause oxygen starvation.

NOTE: A smoker's lungs do not have a desirable oxygen assimilation factor.

3. Precision and coordination of bodily actions and thoughts. The physical training of a pistol shooter must be directed to the development of these qualities.

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