Mental discipline is the broad term used in describing the shooter's actions and reactions when facing competitive pressure. A distinguishing feature of successful competitive shooting is that it is associated with overcoming obstacles and difficulties which require the utmost exertion of a person's mental capacity. The ability to keep control of oneself to force oneself to overcome difficulties, and to maintain presence of mind in any difficult situation is a necessary human quality. Without this quality, you will not shoot high scores in a match. To sustain mental discipline, you must have high moral qualities, a sense of duty and responsibility to the team and a sense of honor. These traits are the source of the will to win. In moments of crisis, they help you to mobilize all your resources for victory. No person is born with these qualities. They are partly developed in the course of the shooter's life and the activities of daily living. Good marksmanship training will solidify these traits and develop the minds ability to control mental processes.

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