Chapter IV

The requirement that 120-270 record shots be fired in one day of match shooting demands great expenditure of energy. For this reason the shooter must plan his actions with special care in order to use his energy intelligently and conserve his physical and mental strength for the duration of the shoot.

The best method in which the shooter can impart all of his shooting skill to his shooting is by careful organization of maximum control.

Most of the points lost in an aggregate score are slow fire points. It is therefore imperative that this stage of fire become the first goal of exact control. One shot in one minute is sufficient time to organize the delivery of each shot. Successful delivery is assured when control of the cycle of action and thought is uniformly established - prepare, plan, relax, deliver, analyze and correct.

Complete preparation and prior planning is essential. The firer must be both mentally and physically ready. So that he can concentrate on performance he must have checked the range conditions, his equipment, zero of weapons, range commands, ammunition, etc. prior to actual participation on the line.

As a competitive shooter you must know how to zero your weapon in order to place the strike of the bullet in the center of the target.

There is no excuse for losing points in competition due to an improperly zeroed pistol. Inexact zeroing is a demonstration of lack of preparation.

a. There are two types of sights, fixed and adjustable.

(1) You may have fired a pistol with fixed sights. It could be that you are using a pistol with fixed sights now. The fixed sights found on the . 45 caliber service pistol are somewhat difficult to adjust and therefore not primarily used for competitive shooting. For elevation correction, you must use the trial and error method of changing the sight height with a file, or, if a good armorer is available, he will be able to cut off the exact amount from the sights. Windage must be corrected by moving the rear sight with either a sight mover or a hammer and punch. You cannot have both a 25 yard and 50 yard zero in elevation with fixed sights. Your point of aim at 50 yards will be higher than at 25 yards. Correcting for windage with a fixed sight is very difficult due to the method used. Except for initial determination of normal zero for ideal conditions, it is recommended that fixed sights not be moved during competition.

(2) Most pistols that are used in competition today are equipped with adjustable sights which are easily moved by a screwdriver or a small coin.

(a) There are many makes of adjustable sights available on the market today. The sight adjustment screws do not all move in the same direction for a given adjustment. Clockwise will move one sight to the right and move another sight to the left. This also applies to elevation adjustment. Another difference is that each sight does not move the strike of the bullet the same distance per click. Some of these sights are more durable than others.

(b) The primary consideration when you are using adjustable sights is that you know the

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