Ctype Of Exercise

There are many different general types of exercises and activities that a shooter can use to his advantage.

1. Walking is a very good exercise. When walking, don't just take a slow window shopping walk. To get any good out of it, you must make the walk very brisk.

2. Running: Results already obtained indicate a running program improves overall physical fitness, especially in endurance capacity and overall improvement of the heart, lungs, and the entire circulatory system.

Running and walking for a period of 12 minutes at least three times a week is, in itself, a splendid conditioner. Here again, the individual must apply himself diligently for the duration of the exercise period.

3. A series of mild, non-strenuous exercises of the type that require body bending, stretching, deep breathing and moderate muscular tension are best suited to obtaining a condition defined as good body tone and a feeling of well-being. Sore, aching muscles tend to fatigue quickly, and nervous tremor usually results.

4. In Swimming almost all of the muscles get a workout. Here again, the exercise should be pursued with moderation.

5. A good exercise to build the wrist and arm muscles in the wrist and forearm developer, roll-up exercise. A mop handle, a short length of rope and a weight, Roll it up and let it down slowly.

6. A method of developing the grip is by using a sponge rubber ball about 3" in diameter, cut in half. Squeeze the ball with the shooting hand. You can take this aid with you almost any place you go, and exercise any time that you are not using your shooting hand.

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