Ddeliver Shot Or String Of Shots On Target

The successful delivery of an accurate shot on the target, embraces the proper employment of all the fundamentals. Do not compromise. Follow through and continue to apply all control factors. If the shot is fired as a surprise, there will be no reflex action. When you are absolutely sure you have set up conditions for a controlled shot, put your plan into action. Confidently and aggressively follow each mental step with physical action until the sequence is complete and the shot is delivered on the target.

Remember that in slow fire you do not have to shoot before bringing your gun down to rest. When you fatigue, run short of breath, experience difficulty in maintaining concentration on sight alignment or cannot maintain a suitable arc of movement, lower the weapon to the bench and relax. Re-plan the delivery of the shot, breathe deeply and try again. Some excellent slow fire shooters try two or three times before being able to deliver a controlled shot. Full control of the application of the fundamentals insures the correct control of a shot.

1. Example of a system delivering rapid fire strings with fire commands: As the Range Officer starts his commands, he will announce:


(1) You should load at this time and assume your grip.

(1) Continue your rhythmic breathing.

(2) Check that you are going to shoot on the proper target.

(1) Extend the arm with a stiff wrist and a locked elbow.

(2) Align the sights.

(3) Breathe deeply and exhale.


(1) Find the aiming area on the edge of the target frame.

(2) Take a final deep breath.

(3) Settle into a minimum arc of movement.


(1) Partly release the breath and hold the remainder.

(2) Point of focus is on the front sight.

(3) Take up the slack - apply initial trigger pressure. (4) Maintain sight alignment.

f. Target faces toward shooter - commence firing.

(1) Start positive trigger pressure.

(2) Shift concentration to perfecting sight alignment.

g. First shot is fired (Surprise Shot).

(1) Maintain eye focus (follow through).

(2) Quick recovery with the sights approximately in alignment, and hold approximately in center of aiming area.

(3) Renew positive trigger pressure.

(4) Strive to correct errors in sight alignment, but do not delay positive trigger pressure.

h. Follow through with four more surprise shots.

i. Good rhythm indicates coordinated application of the fundamentals.

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