Make An Analysis

Complete and instantaneous shot analysis is a prerequisite for improvement in performance or score. It is a complete waste of time and ammunition to fire haphazardly without any comprehensive attempt to improve. A mental impression of the sight alignment should come at the instant the shot breaks.

It is advantageous to analyze why you are shooting well on a particular day. Some shooters have a tendency to ignore their good scores. It is important to analyze the good shot string so the combination of factors that produce these good strings can be remembered and repeated. In making the analysis, an important point to remember is to be honest with yourself and your coach. By admitting mistakes the shooter can correct them. The coach can help find a solution to mistakes which he was not aware of if you reveal everything you saw, heard or thought of during the firing of the shot or string.

If any shooter critically re-examines and analyzes his performance and his technique of shooting, he will find "minor points", which to a certain extent hinder him from improving his results. The elimination of individual shortcomings and poor methods are the method the shooter has at his disposal to increase his competitive stature.

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