Strings of Five Shots

After each five shot string, the shooter should remember each shot as one of five individual sight alignments that enables him to accurately call the shot group. If the call and the group are not together it is necessary to determine the cause and apply positive correction. If the group is not centered then the weapon isn't zeroed, the position was bad or the grip incorrect. If the shooter is sure of the zero of his weapon, then quickly check out the position and grip before firing the next five shot string. Look for one of the five following situations to occur. (It is possible however, for two or more of the situations to occur in one string. )

a. Shots off call and grouped within ability to hold, but not centered on target.

b. Shots on call but group larger than normal holding ability and may or may not be centered on target.

c. Shots off call, group larger than holding ability and may or may not be centered on target.

d. Shots on call grouped within ability to hold, but off center on target.

e. The shooter's rapid fire worksheet lists the following steps as a guide to complete shot group analysis:

(1) Follow through the proper recovery checkout.

(2) Shot group call (describe five individual sight alignments).

(3) Compare group location with call.

(4) If shot group or call is bad, determine cause.

(5) Did you get a surprise break on each of five shots?

(6) Was the first shot fired on time?

(7) Was rhythm maintained throughout string including last shot?

(8) Did all shots break in normal arc of movement?

(9) Did you apply positive trigger pressure on each of five shots?

(10)Did you lose concentration during string? (What were you thinking of)?

(11)Did you ignore minor errors in hold?

(12)Were you worried about results?

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