a. The Smith and Wesson Revolver Cal. .45, M1917 is a six-shot, breech-loading, hand weapon. It is provided with a swing-out type cylinder having six chambers about a central axis so that six shots may be fired before reloading is necessary The chambers of the cylinder are loaded with six cartridges, in clips of three rounds. When the cylinder is closed, the revolver is ready for firing. It may be fired either single-action or double-action.

b. The action of cocking the hammer, either in single- or double-action firing, causes the cylinder to rotate and aline the next chamber with the barrel. The rate of fire is limited by the dexterity of the operator in reloading the cylinder and his ability to aim and squeeze.

c. The Smith and Wesson revolver is designed to fire cartridge, ball, cal. .45, M1911. (See Supplement B )

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