Handgun Slide Upside Down
Figure 67. — Replacing Slide and BarreJ on Receiver, Barrel Link Tilted Forward and Link Pin In Place On Pistol M79TMJ

the slide and turn counterclockwise until locked. Place the recoil spring in position.

1. Now hold the slide upside down with the barrel outward and push the barrel and guide forward as far as possible. Turn the receiver group upside down and assemble it to the slide in that position (fig. 67). Make sure that the barrel link is tilted forward as far as possible when assembling the receiver to the slide. Push the receiver forward as far as possible.

m. Turn the pistol right side up, and making sure that the hole in the barrel link is lined up with the hole in the receiver, insert the pin end of the slide stop from the left side of the pistol. Move the slide forward until the projection on the slide stop is opposite the middle notch of the slide. Press the slide stop inward and upward into position (tig. 65.). Allow the slide to move to its foremost position.

n. Cock the hammer and engage the safety lock. Place the recoil spring plug over the end of the recoil spring and push the spring and

Pistolas Revolveres

Figure 68— Reassembling Slide Stop Pin After Replacing Slide

On Pistol M1911A1

plug into position. Turn the barrel bushing until its lips are alined around the plug and release the pressure on the plug.

o. Insert the magazine by pushing smoothly yet firmly into position until it is engaged by the magazine catch.

54. Test for Correct Assembly

To test the pistol for correct assembly, pull the slide fully to the rear and release it by pushing down on the slide stop; the hammer should remain cocked. Hold the pistol in a normal grasp to depress the grip safety and squeeze the trigger. The hammer should fall.

Fioure 69. Damage caused by firing mth bullet lodged in bore, caL.^5 automatic pistol Ml 911.

Revolver Hammer And Trigger Assembly


Figure d Ammunition damaged by bore obstruction in cal.45 automatic pistol Ml 911.

RAPD 23943



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