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Free Credit Card Knife is a well-developed facility with a similar look as the normal ATM though serves a different purpose. Its uniqueness is brought about by the serviceable blades that require some sorts of maintenance. It is a peripatetic pocket-friendly tool with robust polypropylene bodies that with ease folds around the stainless steel edges. Being small enough to perfectly fit in a wallet, individuals can go with it at whatever place they want along with their car keys within the wallet. The knife has three multilevel folding mechanisms that mechanically transform the credit card knife to a very expedient utility tool. What is more, this product is slimmer than and not as bulky as normal knives. It has a set of stainless steel razors guarantees sharpness of the blades and ensures that they last a little bit longer than expected. The knife is very portable. One can with ease put it inside the wallet without necessarily causing injuries. Furthermore, it is characterized by an in-built defensive sheath that offers protection against blunting accidents. It aids in preventing accidents that may be brought about by open blades suppose they accidentally rub individual's pocket. As pointed out earlier, it also protects the blade from becoming blunt as a result of constant usage. It is designed to perfectly fit in the pocket and with such outstanding features, one becomes the center of attraction each time he gets it out of the pocket. Evidently, it is one of the products with a lot of positive reviews. And more importantly, you can have it at no cost at all. Why not make attempts to have it? Read more here...

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Dan Valois Self Defense And Survival Belt

The Valois SSD-90 Knife Belt is a product that can be used in survival circumstances in a number of ways. As the name suggested, it is a creation of Dan Valois, a legitimate knife craftsman residing in Arizona. He is an experienced seller of different varieties of knives he makes himself, include a number of knife belts. In online platforms, he is marketed by a self-Reliance Association best known as A Community Focused on Independence, Survival and Truth, (Afist). The knife can with ease be separated from the buckle and then returned back to the belt easily as well. The belt is of nylon material, making it quite simple. The knife belt is reasonably priced and can be acquired online from It has been structured in a way that suits all designs, with waist size ranging between 24 and 52. This is a fantastic product with a lot of positive reviews from users. Be sure it will be of great help to you. Besides, ClickBank is the retailer for the product. Your deposit is secured by a sixty day money back guarantee and therefore, you can file for a refund and get it in full suppose it does not meet your expectations. You don't have to Miss it. Purchase this product today and enjoy other attractive features it offers apart from self-defense. Read more here...

Dan Valois Self Defense And Survival Belt Summary

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Knife Pistols And Cane Guns

American Novelty Defender Knife Pistol

Another type knife pistol that was widely sold in this country is the little all metal penknife which does not at a glance reveal itself as being also a firearm. Figure 129 shows the knife with the firing lever visible on the side and with the very short cartridge chamber and barrel tilted for loading. The hammer normally lies flat against the side of the knife it is flipped up to cock, and pressed down with a quick squeeze to fire. The space between the two sides of the knife is divided lengthwise into two narrow compartments. One contains two knife blades the other contains the coiled mainspring, the trigger, the firing pin and finally the .22 cartridge in its very short barrel. The piece illustrated is unmarked but it conforms fully with the specifications for the Pocket Firearm patented February 29, 1916, by Leo Louis Rogers, patent 1,173,464. percussion cap model in illustration 134. The long hammer, when down and resting in the frame of the knife, looks like a second knife...

Remington Model A Rifle

Extractor Bolt Action Disassembly

2 To disassemble bolt assembly, push and hold safety (28) forward against tension of mainspring (27), and unscrew safety screw (29). Slowly release forward pressure on safety and remove safety from bolt (19). Remove mainspring. Drive out ejector pin (21) and remove ejector (20) and ejector spring (22) from face of bolt. Disassembly of extractor (23) is not recommended unless necessary for repair or replacement. Force small screwdriver or knife blade between extractor and extractor plunger (24), and push plunger rearward. Pry extractor out of its slot in bolt. CAUTION Extractor plunger is under spring load and may fly out of bolt with force when extractor is removed. Care should be taken to prevent this. Remove extractor plunger and spring (25).

Sharpening Of Tools And Knives Requires The Proper Stones And A Degree Of Knowledge

Stock Forend 1100 Remington Europe

Those who have spent considerable time in hunting country, at times depending on the land and its wildlife for their sustenance, know the value of a sharp knife and a good oil stone. Those of us who have spent countless hours over a hot workbench, turning out a self-built custom sporting rifle, or making our own hunting knives, know the full value of tools that are sharpened properly. determine whether that particular knife or tool is capable of taking such an edge, then holding it after prolonged use. There are some highly touted pocket and hunting knives, as well as tools, on the market today that cannot be sharpened on a good stone simply because of the inferior steels used or improper tempering. How often have most of us tried to sharpen a knife only to watch the seemingly sharp edge roll over and crack off of the blade completely Any good, properly tempered piece of cutlery steel will take and hold a good edge, provided it is honed properly for the job that is intended....

The Twenty Dollar Field Grade

The barrels arc of the cheapest quality of steel but are strong enough in the medium weights to withstand ordinary usage. The frames are drop forged and case hardened, but I have sometimes found that I could cut the locks and bolts with an ordinary pocket knife. The stocks, of the plainest description of American walnut, are strong and serviceable, though not a thing of beauty to begin with, and the simple finishing soon wears away, leaving them baldly ugly.

Guns Of The Wild West Show

Hunting - Fishing - Fighting - Throwing - Skinning - Carving - Bowie's in 5 sizes. These World famous knives, 100 handcrafted from Swedish Tool Steel. 15 models, various lengths - handle combinations. Collector's pieces today of legendary fame tomorrow. Send 25c for descriptions, prices and instructive booklet. 50c for Fighting knife use manual. W. D. RANDALL, Jr., Box 1988-C Orlando, Fla.

Instructions For Proper Cutting Of Stock For Recoil Pad Installation

Proper Shotgun Stock Pull Length

To repair the split toe of the stock we will first have to prepare it to receive a new piece of wood by cutting the ragged break smooth and even. A plane works best for this, but it can be done with a wood rasp or even a pocket knife. Of course, since I use planes, which are a necessity in stock-making and stock repairing, I guess this is as good a place as any to stop and discuss the different types of planes available, their uses and also make a few recommendations as to choice.

Home Made Fletchett Rounds For 44 Magnum

Desmontada Victorinox Swisstool Spirit

Was more of a camp knife, a glorified butcher knife if you will, than it was the combat knife many assume as its native purpose. Consequently there is no reason for the sportsman to disregard the tactical label in their quest for the perfect knife. The only thing I do recommend is that you go for a more generic blade style for example the drop point, clip point, or trailing point as opposed to a more combat oriented blade such as the Japanese tanto. The reasoning here is obvious you're probably going to be doing more field chores than fighting black bears. Both sporting and tactical knives have been downsizing over the past 10 years, but for different reasons. Many tactical experts have determined too much blade can be a hindrance in combat. Early tactical folders often sported 4 blades but the average size on models sold today is 3 to 3.5 . It should be added, a smaller knife is also easier to conceal. skinning and often prefer an even smaller blade in the 2.5 range. Indeed, there...

Section Caliber T Machine

Arrow Engineering Co., Chicago, was engaged to redesign the El. This redesign was called the E4, and it had an improved firing pin and contact mechanism in the bolt and a knife blade switch between the bolt and the receiver. The timing of the bolt was the same as in the E2.

And Sometimes Startling Designs

After the varnish has been removed, the largest of the inlaid pieces is clamped securely to the gun stock. Trace around it with a sharp, fine pointed knife. This step should be done with a great deal of care, for the line thus formed is the finished edge of the inlaid pattern. Press the knife blade hard against the sides of the pattern so that the recessed place in the stock will not be larger than the inlay. Exact-O knives are good for this kind of cutting.

Soviet Bloc Sks Carbine

Sks Rifle Nomenclature

SKS carbines have been fitted with two different styles of bayonet. The earlier type is 9 in length and resembles a knife blade. The later type is 12 long, and is needle shaped. Both types are attached to the barrel and fold back under the barrel when not in use. The stock and handguard of the Soviet and Eastern bloc carbines are made of laminated beechwood with a hard, waterproof, clear lacquer finish. Chinese-made SKS carbines are usually found with stocks and handguards made of a porous Asian hardwood resembling teakwood, and brushed with an orange colored shellac-type finish. The Chinese SKS is sometimes fitted with a synthetic plastic resin stock and handguard which is molded in a reddish-brown color.

Sights And Telescopes

Suppose you have a '99 Model Savage rifle with front and rear sights dovetailed into the barrel. The front sight is a German silver knife blade type, the rear a buckhorn. Your choice let us sayt is a Lyman gold bead front, a folding leaf sight on the barrel, and a Lyman No. 29 1 2 tang peep sight. You first of all secure the new sights, before touching those on the rifle. To assure getting the front sight the right height, however, it is a good plan to send the old one as a sample with your order. Before removing it from the slot, scratch a fine mark on surface of barrel, at a point as nearly as you can judge under the center of the old sight Now wrap a thick piece of saddle skirting, or light sole leather around the barrel just back of front sight, and screw it snugly in vise so that only the part of barrel on which sight is fixed projects from the vise. All danger of injuring the barrel may be eliminated by assuring yourself that it is held rigidly. If held loosely, it may easily be...

Combination Weapons

Superposed Flintlock

In starting with combination weapons it may be well to point out that only weapons combined with guns are shown. There are many other forms of combined weapons, such as spears combined with axes, and swords with throwing knives in the scabbards. In this volume no piece is shown that is not capable of shooting, using powder as a propellant. Any miniature pistol, or any tinderlighter for that matter, that is illustrated, can shoot. Between the wheel lock axe and the sword is shown a Saxon chopping knife, complete with the trousse and its accessories. This piece is outstanding. It is not only of superior workmanship, but in remarkably fine condition. The horn grips, the fine etching, and the original blue and gilding have come through four centuries in fine style. The illustration shows the small wheel lock. It does not show the part round, part octagon barrel which lies along the other side of the blade. The knife is designed for chopping meat after a stag hunt. The trousse, which...

Cladnat Bros

SAFETY GUARD HOBBY KNIVES recently developed by X-acto, Inc., Long Island City, N. Y. 1-G and 2-G knives, each has a newly developed sliding sleeve, quickly positioned and locked to cover the exposed knife blade. The knurled aluminum Safety Guard sleeve slides to any position on the knife barrel. With the blade covered, the knife can be carried safely in a hunter's shirt

Handling Warning

Ruger Mark Bolt Face

Insert a blunt, 'pointed' instrument in the oval recess of the mainspring housing (at the back of the grip) and swing the housing latch open like the blade of a pocket knife. (Some users find that a paper clip, looped over the latch, is an ideal 'instrument' for this phase of disassembly.)


Application Carbon Content Auger, wood 0.60-0.70 Ace 1.20 Ball bearing 1.20 Barrel, gun 1.60-0.70 Bits, mining 0.80 Blade, pocket knife 0.90 Blade, reamer 1.20-1.22 Bushing, spring 0.80 Centers, lathe 0.80-0.90 Chisels, cold 0.85 Chisels, chipping 0.80-0.90 Chisels, woodworking 0.60-0.70 Dies, envelope 1.15 Dies, drop forging 0.85-0.90 Drills, twist 1.20-1.22 Driver, screw 0.60-0.70 Edge, straight 1.05-1.12

Edged Weapons

SureFire opened a new division, the Edged Weapon Division, in late 2003 to provide the world's best tactical knives.The Division plans to introduce a number of knife designs, blade styles and grip configurations, but every model will be designed primarily as a fighter. Fighting knives are the most demanding of all edged weapons because the purpose of their existence, their raison d' tre, is so unforgiving. The lock cannot fail the edge must hold the grip cannot slip. A fighting knife must incorporate the toughest steel, the most aggressive edge geometry, the most durable finish, the most ergonomic grip. It must be The Best.


Prize BOWIE KNIFE This he-man knife made its place in American history and is still prized as an lndispenslble hunting and outdoor knife. Blade has traditional Bowie Knife shape, is of polished hl-grade steel. Knife is 13 Jong. Bowie Knife incl. leather sheath only 6.95.


Using a wooden tool (not your pocket knife) work it under the rim of the cartridge in order to slide the cartridge out and extract it. If, upon examining the cartridge, it appears damaged, dispose of the cartridge in accordance with the ammunition manufacturer's recommendation.

Knife Throwing Techniques of the Ninja

Knife Throwing Techniques of the Ninja

Knife Throwing Techniques of the Ninja. span stylecolor: 000000Do you want to learn the art of throwing knives? Ever wondered how it is done to perfection every time? Well here is your chance. This book contains well over 50 pages of detailed information and illustrations all about the art of knife throwing. This intriguing book focuses on the ninja's techniques and training. This is a must for all martial artists and anyone wanting to learn the knife throwing techniques of the ninja.span

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