The Grand

1 POWDER SYSTEM - Hull activated, no hull, no powder. No need to manually turn powder on and off. No spillage of powder can occur.

2 SHOT SYSTEM - Hull activated, no hull, no shot. No need to manually turn shot on and off. No spillage of shot when problems occur.

3 CASE HOLDERS - Easy removal of hull at all stations. Universal 12 and 20 gauge case holders allows cases to be sized down around the rim.

• The combination of the Powder System, Shot System and the Case Holders allows the user to reload one shell without fear of spillage.

4 PRIMING SYSTEM - Allows only one primer to feed at a time and is an extremely reliable primer feed system.

5 STEEL SIZE RING - Provides complete resizing of high and low base hulls. Not found in most presses.

• AUTO INDEX - Simple and very reliable automatic indexing system that can be easily removed for manual indexing.

6 TILT-OUT WAD GUIDE - For easy and convenient feeding of wads.

• MASSIVE FRAME - With compound leverage for smooth solid feel.

7 QUICK DRAIN SYSTEM - Both powder and shot hoppers have three locating positions. Off, on, and a forward drain position for quick and convenient removal.

8 QUICK CHANGE - Of powder and shot bushings. Changes over in less than one minute.

9 POWDER CHARGE - Is easy to check because the powder station is directly in front of the press and it is easy and convenient to remove the powder charge hull.

10 LARGE OPEN FRAME - Designed for convenient easy access to all 8 stations.

• EASY CONVERSION - Changing from 12 gauge to 20 gauge is quick and easy with our convenient conversion kit.

11 SHOT & POWDER HOPPERS - Holds 25 pounds of shot and 1 pound of powder.

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