Unpacking The Grand

A. Shot Hopper

B. Spent Primer Tube Assembly

C. Powder Hopper

D. Drain Tube (Clear Rubber Hose)

E. Press Assembly

F. Wad Box


Wad Box Bracket Discharge Chute Primer Tray

Bag 1, Parts List #8 x 3/8 Wood Screw 1/4-28 x 1/4 BHCS 3/8 Detent Ball Detent Spring

Shotshell Crimp Starter 12 Ga., 6 Pt

Shotshell Primer Shut Off Pin

10-24 Nyloc Nut

Shotshell Press Powder Baffle

Hex Wrench, 5/32

Hex Wrench, 3/32

Your Grand is set up at the factory for the following loads:

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