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Reducing Tension And Attaining Relaxation

In normal tension, your body undergoes certain definite changes. Adrenalin pours into your bloodstream and your liver releases sugar, giving a supply of energy to your muscles. Your entire nervous system shifts into high gear. It causes your sense of smell, hearing and sight to become sharpened and all your mental faculties to become razor keen. Your stepped-up nervous system also causes the large voluntary muscles of your legs, arms and torso to contract, ready for action. The muscles of your digestive tract cause your digestion to slow down for a while. Your chest and arterial muscles contract slightly so that your breathing becomes a bit shallower and your blood pressure increases. When all these things are happening, you are experiencing normal tension. Most of us experience this kind of tension one or more times a day. When the problem which caused you to be tense has been solved, your tension will subside and you will return to a normal state of relaxation. It may leave slowly...

Muscular Relaxation

Once bone support is achieved, muscles are relaxed. Muscular relaxation helps to hold the rifle steady and increase the accuracy of the aim. Muscular relaxation also permits the use of maximum bone support to create a minimum arc of movement and consistency in resistance to recoil. Muscular relaxation cannot be achieved without bone support. During the shooting process, the muscles of the body must be relaxed as much as possible. Muscles that are tense will cause excessive movement of the rifle, disturbing the aim. When proper bone support and muscular relaxation are achieved, the rifle will settle onto the aiming point,

Building The Position

It must be emphasized that the tension is very slight. Completely tensed or locked'' muscles quickly fatigue and begin to tremble slightly. The correct tension is very near to complete relaxation. Portrayed on a graph, the amount of tension used in shooting would appear as in Figure 21. This tension is so slight that it is hardly felt by the shooter. Experienced shooters are normally unaware of it because it has come to feel completely natural. The degree of tension undoubtedly varies from shooter to shooter. Some individuals use as much tension as they can without becoming fatigued. Others use just as little as they can without losing control of the muscles. It is entirely up to the individual shooter to find and maintain the degree of tension that gives him the best control of his body.

Elements of a Good Shooting Position

There are three elements of a good shooting position that apply when using a loop sling bone support, muscular relaxation, and natural point of aim. The three elements of a shooting position applied with the loop sling do not apply in the same way as when firing with a hasty sling. While some degree of bone support is still achieved with the hasty sling, muscular tension is applied rather than muscular relaxation. Natural point of aim, however, applies to both the loop sling and the hasty sling.

The Four Fundamentals

Basic Rifle Marksmanship Fundamentals

If support is used properly, the soldier should be able to relax most of his muscles. Using artificial support or bones in the upper body as support allows him to relax and settle into position. Using muscles to support the rifle can cause it to move due to muscle fatigue.

C Three Elements of a Good Shooting Position as they Apply with the Loop Sling There

Once bone support is achieved, muscles are relaxed. Muscular 25 relaxation helps to hold the rifle steady and increase the accuracy of your aim. Muscular 26 relaxation also permits the use of maximum bone support to create a minimum arc of 28 relaxation without bone support. During the shooting process, the muscles of the body must 30 rifle, disturbing the aim. When proper bone support and muscular relaxation are achieved, the 34 muscular relaxation are achieved is called the natural point of aim.

Function Of The Habits Of The Normal

When the eye is relaxed, the voluntary shifting is frequent and the movement is short in scope. The tense eye can make a large movement, but it requires relaxation and normality for an eye to keep shifting in relaxed condition with a very small movement. This is true of all muscles -- the finer the movement, the better trained and the more relaxed must be the muscle. When an eye is strained and the vision is abnormal, practice in shifting frequently will give relief from the strain and produce improvement in the vision.

The Stance

Pistol Marksmanship

It is necessary to properly position the left or free arm and hand (for right-handed shooter). The free hand should be inserted into the left aide pocket in a relaxed manner, or you may hook the left thumb over the waist belt. In relaxation of the left arm and shoulder, the free arm must not be allowed to hang loose, as any wind or recoiling of the body during firing will cause the free arm to swing, transferring to the body any movement.


Proper Trigger Pull

Good Position* The three elements of a good position arc bone support, muscular relaxation, and a natural point of aim on an aiming point. 121 Muscular relaxation. The firer must learn to relax as much as possible in the various firing positions. Undue muscle strain or tension cause* trembling which is transmitted to the rifle-However, in all positions a certain amount of controlled muscular tension is needed. ()nl through practice and achieving a natural point of aim will the firer learn muscular relaxation.


APPRENTICE TRAINING Substantial schemes of apprentice training were being operated in all the arsenals which were visited. Apprenticeship could start at any age between 18 and 24. In this the schemes dillcred from those applying generally throughout the U.S., in which the top age limit for commencing an apprenticeship has as a general rule been raised to at least 35 years of age. In the arsenals such relaxation is only applied in special circumstances. The complement of apprentices being trained was found in each establishment visited to be between 80 and 100. The training was similar in other respects to that given generally in industry in the u.s. Apprentice instructors (trade school teachers) were given a special lead rate, above that of the top labour grade, of approximately 0.2 dollars per hour.

Relaxation Audio Sounds Log Cabin Fire

Relaxation Audio Sounds Log Cabin Fire

This is an audio all about guiding you to relaxation. This is a Relaxation Audio Sounds with sounds from Log Cabin Fire.

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