Competition Shotguns

Model 870™ Classic Trap

shooters than the new Model 1100™ Competition. By overboring the 30" barrel, we made what was one of the softest-recoiling actions in the world even lighter on your shoulder. This enhancement also improves pattern consistency. The receiver and all internal parts feature a nickel-Teflon® finish for the smoothest, most reliable cycling ever. It has a 10mm target-style rib with twin beads and is optimized for 2 W target and light field loads. These, plus a host of other upgrades transform an already legendary design into a super-tuned machine for the competitive scene.

The Model 1100™ Tournament Skeet is still setting records, and has a 26" barrel in both 12- and 20-gauge versions. Other competition shotguns include the Model 1100 Classic Trap, Model 1100 Sporting 12, 20, 28 and 410, and the famous Model 870™ Classic Trap.

Model 332™ Features:

• Superb styling and handling based on the legendary Remington® Model 32™

• 3" chambers, available in three barrel lengths 26", 28" and 30"

• More slender grip on the stock and deep finger grooves in the fore-end for superior pointing and control

• Barrels made of high strength chrome-moly steel

• Fully brazed side ribs mean a solid barrel/monoblock assembly

• Mechanical trigger with dynamically balanced sears

• Hardened trunnions for durability

• Receiver milled from a solid block of ordnance grade steel

• Automatic ejectors

• Furnished with Improved Cylinder, Modified and Full Rem™ Chokes

• 8-millimeter wide steel vent rib with twin beads

For complete model listings and specifications, see page 86.

EVERY NEW SEASON SHOULD BEGIN WITH A PREMIER. A beautiful and versatile gun, the Model 11-87™ Premier® is an intimidating performer. Its patented pressure-compensating gas system is a key reason why. When shooting lighter 2 3/4" field loads, an integral pressure relief valve remains closed, using all of the shell's pressure to operate the action. When shooting heavier 3" loads, the valve opens proportionately to bleed off unneeded pressure.

Naturally, versatility is also a major advantage of the Model 11-87 Premier. The same gun you use one day on the skeet range can be used the next day in the goose blind. Switch shells. Change a Rem™ choke. And you're in business. That's real versatility. Going from great function to great looks, the Model 11-87 Premier's custom-grade finish and finely grained American walnut stock are exactly what makes it so, well, "premier." Finally, you'll find the Model 11-87 Premier in a range of field-proven versions, including the standard 12- and 20-gauge models.

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