Barrel threaded into receiver machined ^ Barrel surrounds bolt shroud for additional strength from hardened steel |

Two-position positive safety

Optional detachable magazine box is constructed of stainless steel for maximum durability and weather resistance

Recessed bolt face completely encloses cartridge head in "three-rings-of-steel" for maximum protection against case rupture

(special purpose synthetic)

OF ALL ITS GREAT FEATURES, THE MOST REMARKABLE IS ITS PRICE. There is a cost that comes with high performance, in this case, it's a lot less than you think. The Model 700™ SPS™ offers everything you love about the legendary Model 700, all at an extremely affordable price. Built to carry on the tradition of the Model 700 ADL™ Synthetic, the SPS is leading the way for the next generation of hard-hitting, fully featured, affordably priced rifles. From the rock-solid receiver design to the famous "three-rings-of-steel," the Model 700 SPS offers the unrivaled out-of-the-box accuracy and high-end performance you've come to expect from America's most popular bolt-action centerfire rifle.

The Model 700 SPS features an improved, ergonomically designed synthetic stock for better handling and enhanced overall functionality. Standard amenities include an R3® recoil pad and hinged floor plate magazine. The Model 700 SPS and Model 700 SPS Stainless are available in a variety of short action magnum and standard short and long action caliber offerings, all with a 24" clean barrel. Or choose the magnum or ultra magnum with a 26" barrel. No matter which SPS you choose, you can rest assured your getting one of the greatest gun values on the market today.

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