Mode 11-87" Deer barrels are not equipped with a pressure-compensating gas system, and will not function with target or light field loads. Fitting Standard Barrels on Ught Contour Shotguns -The fore-ends on our Light Contour Model 11-87™ shotguns are shaped to follow the curve of the slimmer-profled LC barrel, which means that a standard Vent Rib or Deer barrel cannot be fitted to your gun unless you do one of two thngs: have your LC fore-end wood opened up by a competent gunsmith or stockmaker; or purchase a standard profile fore-end from our Arms Servce Division by writing to:Ajms Service Division, Remington Arms Co, P.O. Box 700, Madison, NC 27025-0700 or visit our website at: 1 Cantilever Rem™ Choke Deer barrels supplied with Improved Cylinder and Extended Rifed Choke tubes. 2 Rifle-sighted Rem™ Choke Deer barrels supplied with Rifed and Improved Cylinder Choke tubes. 3 2 A" chamber. 4 3 A"' chamber. fCamo Mossy Oak®Break-U/p®Pattern.

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