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weight of just 6 V2 lbs., the Model Seven™ is the ultimate dense-cover rifle. But don't limit its range. Featuring the same strength and unmatched out-of-the-box accuracy as our Model 700™ action, it gives you big reach in any country. For youngsters and small-stature adults, the Model Seven Youth is available in four calibers with a one-inch shorter stock and carbon-steel action. Chambered for Remington® Short Action Ultra Mag and WSM cartridges, our Model Seven Magnum stretches the limits of compact rifle performance with hard-hitting calibers in a streamlined, swift-handling package. Velocity and energy are enhanced by a 22" magnum contour barrel.

New for this year, both the Model Seven™ and Model Seven Magnum are available in CDL versions. They're satin blued and feature clean, unsighted barrels (350 Remington® Mag features 20" magnum contour barrel w/sights), handsome American walnut classical-styled CDL stocks and R3® recoil pads with Limbsaver® technology.

What Claw Extractor
Controlled round feeding from claw extractors.

THE MODEL 98 MAUSER ACTION IS ALIVE AND, WELL, BETTER THAN EVER. American soldiers brought it back from both world wars, and America's oldest gunmaker is proud to bring one of the most trusted bolt actions of all time - the Model 98 Mauser - back into mainstream production. That's right, you no longer have to rely on military surplus supplies or high-cost custom gunmakers to get your hands on this classic. Long revered for its superior strength, smooth, reliable cartridge feed and inherent accuracy, it's now available from Remington® in a wide range of modern calibers, both short and long action. And we reworked these rifles from butt to bore to meet the aesthetic and performance demands of today's hunter and shooter.

The long-action Model 798™ (square-bridge Mauser 98) and short-action Model 799™ feature richly blued barrels and receivers, American-made brown laminated stocks. To dampen recoil on the Model 798, we added a one-inch rubber butt pad. Barrels are clean, and receivers are drilled and tapped for standard Mauser 98 (long- and short-action) scope mounts.

Expect silky, ultra-positive feeding and ejection, rock-solid durability and exceptionally fast lock time. Influencing the design of virtually every bolt action made today, the Model 98 Mauser never died. It just needed a revival. We're sure you'll agree our version was worth the wait.

Model Seven™ Features:

• 2 3/s" shorter overall length than Model 700 counterparts make the Model Seven perfectly sized for small stature shooters

• Compact design ideal for thick cover hunting

• Features the same legendary strength as the Model 700 action: "Three-rings-of-steel" with the bolt face, barrel and receiver encasing the cartridge head

• Cylindrical receiver design provides a consistent bedding area in the stock

• Available in Remington Short-Action Ultra Mag and Winchester Short Magnum calibers for the ultimate in compact magnum performance

For full caliber listings and specifications, see page 84.

Factory Remington Model Trigger Pics

Model Seven™ Youth Synthetic

Remington Model

• Mauser 98 style action platform

Claw extractor

Sporter style 2-position safety

Solid steel hinged floorplate magazine (22 Hornet utilizes a 5-round detachable magazine box)

Available in popular long- and short-action calibers

Clean barrel

22" barrel standard calibers 20" barrel short-action 799 calibers 24" barrel long-action magnums

For full caliber listings and specifications, see page 84.

Specifications Remington

new Model 750™ Woodsmaster™ will be proof enough. Featuring an improved gas system for faster, smoother cycling and a balanced, low-profile design that handles like lightning, it's a deadly-quick addition to our centerfire autoloading line. Rapid follow-ups are its speciality, but famed Remington one-shot accuracy comes standard.

The Model 750™ replaces our wood-stocked Model 7400™ offerings and features a restyled American walnut fore-end and stock with machine-cut checkering. Felt recoil is diminished by its ultra-efficient gas action and the addition of our revolutionary R3® recoil pad. Throw that narrow window wide open with the quickest gun in the woods, the new Model 750 Woodsmaster.™

Remington 750 Satin

IN A PERFECT WORLD, EVERY DEER WOULD BE A ONE SHOT KILL. Maybe you flinched? Or the buck turned at the last split-second? Either way, our Model 7400™ and Model 7600™ centerfire rifles get you back on target. Instantly. Because not only are they built to deliver legendary Remington® first-shot accuracy, they're also designed for ultra-fast follow-up shots - without ever having to unshoulder your rifle. For autoloading fans, there's the gas-operated, soft-recoiling Model 7400 synthetic autoloader. Prefer a slide-action? There's the Model 7600 pump. Both feature quick-release magazines and Remington's rotary bolt lock-up design for exceptional strength, safety and hallmark reliability.

Model 7600™ Features:

• Robust slide-action design allows for fast follow-up shots in the harshest conditions

• Action, slide release and safety based on the design of the Model 870,™ America's most popular pump shotgun, for instantaneous end user familiarity

• Weight distribution and slim line design result in shotgun like balance and pointability

• 22" barrel with iron sights and receiver drilled and tapped for scope mounts allow for multiple sighting options

• Rotary-bolt lock-up provides rock-solid action strength

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