Wood models now available in all-new laminate

Model 870™ Express® Super Magnum™ Features:

• Will function 2 3A", 3" and 3 1/i" shells interchangeably

• Superior design and inherent strength of America's favorite pump shotgun, the Model 870™

• Super Magnum receiver same size as all 12-gauge Model 870™ shotguns for same balance point

• Innovative bolt design keeps cycle stroke equal for all 3 lengths of 12-gauge shotshells

• Magazine capacity is three 3 1/2" shells and four 2 3/ " and 3" shells

• Available in wood laminate, synthetic and camouflaged versions as well as a combo package, which features both a vent rib and rifle-sighted deer barrel for maximum versatility

For complete model listings and specifications, see page 88-89.

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