MODEL 105 CTi'

THE CUTTING EDGE HAS NEVER BEEN SO SOFT. With up to 48% less recoil than the competition, and weighing a mere seven pounds, our new 12-gauge Model 105 CTi™ is a sweet-shooting featherweight at the forefront of autoloading technology. Good looks and great handling contrast its smooth operation and soft recoil. From first glance to hull ejection, you get the feeling it's the world's most advanced shotgun. Trust your senses. You've never fired a gun this smooth and efficient. And Remington reliability comes standard.

To start unlocking the secrets of the Model 105 CTi's superior performance, have a look at the receiver. Made from aircraft-grade titanium with a carbon-fiber shell, it's incredibly slim, compact and strong. This amazing new autoloader is also the only shotgun to feature a "Double-Down" bottom feed and ejection mechanism. It's truly ambidextrous and there's no peripheral distraction from ejecting shells. Chambering a round is fast and slick with our TurboFeed™ loading system.

The amazing 48% reduction in recoil is accomplished in a four-part dampening process. Energy is dispersed and soaked up by our innovative Rate Reduction System, a convex R3® recoil pad, a gas-operated inertia sleeve, and a .735" overbored barrel with lengthened forcing cones.

The Rate Reduction System is an oil-filled cylinder housed in the stock that absorbs shock and helps regulate bolt velocity. Whether you're shooting light 2 3/4" loads or 3" magnums, cycling is rapid, consistent and reliable.

Optimized gas operation enables you to shoot more and clean less. The incredibly simple, efficient design has very few moving parts and virtually nothing to wear out or replace. A one-piece inertia sleeve and gas seal greatly reduce carbon and powder build-up on the magazine tube. Keep shooting. The Model 105 CTi™ will stay and master in the field.

Available with a 26" or 28" barrel, this revolutionary 12-gauge also features a tournament-grade trigger, our super-durable, scratch-resistant TriNyte coating on the receiver; and ProBore™ choke tubes optimized for the overbored barrels. The barrel rib is crafted of carbon and aramid fibers for lightweight rigidity.

The Remington family of autoloaders has become a dynasty. Welcome its new leader. Our lightest, softest-recoiling design ever, the Model 105 CTi™ is like nothing you've ever seen, felt or shot, and it's the kind of innovation only one name in the industry is capable of. Remington.

Patentable Features:

• Rotating Bolt Lock-up - for efficient and reliable operation

• Rate Reducer - regulates bolt velocity and absorbs recoil

• Roller Sear - crisp 3 '/i to 4 lb trigger pulls

• Bottom Eject System - efficient ambidextrous design with no peripheral distractions

Model 105 CTi™ Features:

• Three ProBore" chokes - Improved Cylinder, Modified, and Full

• Aircraft-grade titanium receiver body, resulting in lighter weight

• Skeletonized receiver with carbon fiber shell for attractive, modern look, while reducing the overall weight of the gun

• Unique "Double-Down" bottom feed and eject system

• Target Grade Trigger - newly designed trigger group for a crisp consistent trigger pull

• Features a new convex R3® recoil pad designed to reduce felt recoil nearly 50%

• Includes FAA approved lockable hard case

Three ProBore™ choke tubes

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