1 NOTE: LT-20,20-gauge lightweight barrels (4000 Series) will not fitpre-1977 20-gauge Lightweight or standard 20-gauge Model 1100™ shotguns. (Refer to parts list tor pre-1977 barrels.) 2 Rife-sighted Rem™™ Choke Deer barrels supplied with Rifed and Imp. Cyl. Choke tubes. 3 Supplied with Full Choke only.

Please note the following ammunition recommendations for use with the Model 1100™ steel shot barrel.

When used with Model 1100™ Magnum shotguns:

- Use 2 A" magnum or 3" magnum steel shotshells.

- Use 2 A" magnum or 3" magnum lead shotshells. When used with Model 1100™ non-Magnum shotguns:

- Use 2 A" magnum or 3" magnum steel shotshells.

- Use 2 A" magnum lead shotshells. Do not use 3" magnum lead shotshells in non-Magnum Model 1100" shotguns, as this will cause extra wear and decrease the lite of the gun.

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Weights, stock dimensions, checkering pattern and wood grain may vary according to the individual firearm. Remington reserves the right to change or modify its products without notice. Pricing may vary by model, specification, color, size and availability. Follow the safety rules printed in firearms instruction books and on ammunition boxes. If you do not have an instruction book for your Remington firearm, write to Remington Arms Company, Inc., 870 Remington Drive, PO Box 700, Madison, NC 27025, for a free copy or visit our website at www. remington. com/manuals. Please specify the model and serial number. The firearms herein have been photographed with their actions closed to properly showcase their features. In actual practice, any firearm not in use must be left with ammunition removed, action open and safety on. Consumer Information, Arms Service, Parts and Repairs and Custom Shop: (800) 243-9700. Visit us on the web at:


length & choke


SP™ Magnum, Vent Rib

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