THE MOST RELIABLE DUAL CORE BULLET MADE. Premier® A-Frame™ bullets reliably expand at long-range decreased velocities, yet do not over-expand at short-range high velocities. A-Frame will mushroom to a devastating 2x caliber diameter with nearly 95% weight retention. Suitable for all big or dangerous game - the best choice from Alaska to Africa and everywhere in between.

Pure lead core is bonded to pure copper jacket with proprietary process

Protected rear core provides momentum for deep penetration on tough game

Progressively tapered jacket controls mushrooming in a uniform and predictable manner for totally dependable on-game results

A-Frame™ cross-member stops expansion at optimum diameter of 2x caliber

new 7mm Rem. Ultra Mag

Index/EDI No. Bullet Wt.(grs.) Bullet Type

270 Win

7mm Rem. I

7mm STW

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