Look For Umc In Moneysaving Largequantity Packaging

UMC® LEADLESS HANDGUN CARTRIDGES. A must-have for shooters that frequent indoor ranges, economical UMC® LeadLess™ cartridges virtually eliminate lead exposure at the firing line. Specially designed bullet actually prevents the vaporization of lead from the bullet's base upon firing.

Standard bullet weights duplicate the ballistics of conventional loads.

Nose profile designed to function smoothly in all action types

Full-length copper jacket

Powder blended for consistent velocity-

High-quality ■ reloadable brass case

Solid lead core protected by thick copper jacket

Clean-shooting, lead-free priming

Enclosed base virtually eliminates airborne lead at firing line

Index/ Primer Wt. Bullet Velocity (ft./sec.) Energy (ft-lbs.) Mid-range Trajectory

EDI No. No. (grs.) Style Muz. 50 yds. 100 yds. Muz. 50 yds. 100 yds. 50 yds. 100 yds.


9mm Luger

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