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Model 870™ Wingmaster® NRA® Edition

THE MOST POPULAR SHOTGUN EVER MADE. PERIOD. The original design of the Model 870™ Wingmaster® is so smooth and reliable that today - more than five decades after its introduction - it's still the standard by which all pump shotguns are judged. Available in standard 2 W and 3" 12-gauge, and 3 V2" chambered Super Magnum,™ 16-, 20- and 28-gauge, and .410 bore, the Model 870 Wingmaster combines timeless solid-steel design and rugged dependability with a custom-quality finish. Its American walnut stock is generously adorned with machine-cut checkering. Of course, beneath the attractive exterior is one mean workhorse of an action. This shell-shucker has rigid, non-binding dual action bars for solid, positive chambering and ejection. In the field, its flawless balance and natural pointing qualities get you in front of the quickest and toughest targets. And it has the strength to handle the heaviest magnum payloads for dropping long-range waterfowl. The Model 870 Wingmaster represents pump-gun perfection and practically never wears out. Perhaps that's why there are more of them in use today than any other shotgun.

Special NRA® Edition

MODEL 870™ special purpose

Glashalterungen Aus Edelstahl

All SP Turkey models are drilled and tapped for Weaver-style scope mounts.

PICK A SEASON. ANY SEASON. With specialized deer, turkey and waterfowl versions, the Model 870™ Special Purpose line is a rugged, well-rounded family you can rely on for every hunting application.

For the ultimate in slug-gun precision, look to our latest addition - the Model 870™ SP Fully Rifled Cantilever Thumbhole. This fully rifled slug gun has a laminated thumbhole stock with a widened fore-end, and cantilever scope mount. Our Model 870 SP Thumbhole is stealthy medicine for stubborn toms. This steady-aiming standout blends in with full Mossy Oak® Obsession™ camo and has a 23" barrel with Truglo® fiber-optic rifle sights. An R3® Recoil Pad helps cancel kick.

The new Model 870 SPS-T 12-gauge Super Magnum features the concealment of Mossy Oak Obsession camo and handles 2 3/4" to 3 V2" loads. Its 23" barrel has twin beads.

Model 870™ Wingmaster® Features:

• Remarkable reliability and durability

• The smoothest pump-action shotgun on the market

• Superior balance, handling and looks

• Points, swings and functions better than anything else in its class

• The highly polished and richly blued receiver is milled from a solid billet of steel for the ultimate in rugged dependability

• A wide array of barrel and choke options make versatility a Wingmaster® hallmark

• Twin-action bar for non-binding action

• Available in standard '2-gauge, 3 '/" Super Magnum',' '6-, 20-, 28-gauge and 4'0 bore

Model 870™ Wingmaster® Dale Earnhardt Edition


DALE EARNHARDT LIMITED-EDITION SHOTGUN. For the fourth and final year, legends merge in Remington® Country. We're proud to unveil the 2006 Dale Earnhardt Limited-Edition Shotgun - a 20-gauge Model 870™ Wingmaster.® Consistent, dominating performance was Earnhardt's hallmark, and it's also what makes the Wingmaster such a fitting tribute to one of NASCAR's greatest. The last edition to this commemorative lineup features a 26" light contour barrel, a richly finished American walnut stock and a polished blued receiver we used as a canvas for some stunningly detailed artwork. It's engraved with Dale's likeness highlighted by a 24-karat gold signature and a "Seven Time Winston Cup Champion" banner. Beauty meets proven function in this fine collector's piece. And a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to the Dale Earnhardt Foundation.

Dale Ernheart Remington 870 Wingmaster



Model 870™ Express® Super Magnum™ Mossy Oak® Shadowgrass®

AMERICA'S FAVORITE PUMP SHOTGUN HAS A NEW LOOK. Its solid, ultra-dependable action makes it America's favorite, and the new laminated wood stock places it among the best looking and most weather resistant as well. If you could throw the lid off every duck blind, stop by every pheasant field and check out every tract of timber where deer and turkey are hunted, you'd probably see more Model 870™ Express® pumps than any other shotgun. It's been the standard for slide-action performance for more than 50 years. And because it's available in a Super Magnum version that handles everything from light 2 3/4" loads to heavy 3 1/2" magnums, it's the standard for versatility as well.

This extensive lineup covers virtually any application in any neck of the woods or wetlands you're hunting - from the vent-rib do-alls to specialized deer, turkey and waterfowl models. You even have an array of stock choices, including the new laminated wood version, durable black synthetic and popular camo finishes.

Its versatility, reliability and, perhaps best of all, affordable pricing, make it a shotgun anyone can own. We're proud to make them, but even prouder of the fact you've made them America's Pump Guns.

TACTICAL shotguns

Top End Crossfire Wheelchair

YOUR LINEUP OF DEFENSE. Handling speed, demand when the stakes are at their highest.

legendary Model 870™ and Model 1100™ actions trust their lives to every day, they excel in close or personal defense. Offered in 12-gauge with durable synthetic stocks, and matte olive drab barrels

o reliability and devastating power - everything you Our rugged new tactical shotguns are built on the Based on the same designs law-enforcement personnel quarters and are the ultimate choice for competition R3® recoil pads with patented LimbSaver® technology, and receivers.

Model 870™ stock choices include the Speedfeed® IV stock or the Knoxx Industries SpecOps™ adjustable length of pull stock with a spring-loaded cam for recoil reduction and fast follow-ups - both feature full pistol grips. Speedfeed IV models come with your choice of an 18" barrel with a two-shot magazine extension or a 20" barrel with a three-shot extension. SpecOps version has an 18" barrel. All have fixed improved cylinder chokes.

The Model 1100™ Tactical shotgun is available with a Speedfeed IV pistol grip stock or standard black synthetic stock and forend. Speedfeed IV model has an 18" barrel with a two-shot extension. Standard synthetic stocked version is equipped with a 22" barrel and a four-shot extension, perfect for 3 gun competitions.

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