Remington 597 .22lr

Autoloading Model 597

WHERE TECHNOLOGY MEETS CRAFTSMANSHIP. The Model 597™ is easily the most advanced autoloading rimfire rifle ever built, and the first breakthrough in autoloading rimfire rifle technology in 35 years. The difference starts with our proprietary bolt-guidance system, which features a unique set of twin tool-steel guide rails for better stability, feeding reliability and greater out-of-the-box accuracy.

Of course, we didn't stop there. The bolt, hammer and sear of the Model 597 all feature an exclusive Teflon®/nickel plating for smooth, dependable operation and an ultra-crisp trigger pull. To assure reliable, long-life accuracy, we've also incorporated a unique positive-locking, permanently rigid barrel attachment clamp. Receivers are grooved for standard rimfire mounts and tapped/drilled for Weaver-style bases. Completing the breakthrough design are an innovative last-shot "hold open" magazine feature and our patented, easy-to-use staggered-stack magazine.

Model 597™ 22 LR Metal Magazine.

Redesigned to provide flawless feeding of each round, the new Model 597 magazine offers unprecedented reliability. Constructed from a lightweight, magnesium-based alloy and cast as one piece via a non-conventional die-cast process, our metal magazine holds ultra-precise dimensional tolerances and yields an exceptional surface finish. Its extreme rigidity is ideal for demanding, high-volume use. For those who already own an older Model 597, you can own the improved magazine as a Remington® accessory.

Remington Fieldmaster 572

NRA® Embellishment

LOOKING FOR A CLASSIC RIMFIRE? CHOOSE YOUR MASTER. For those sportsmen who still love the look and feel of classic rimfire rifles, our Model 572™ BDL™ Fieldmaster and Model 552™ BDL Speedmaster® may be the finest available. And this year, you can drive tacks and drive home your support for the National Rifle Association® with the new NRA®-edition Speedmaster. It's laser-etched with NRA embellishments on both sides of the receiver, and a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to the support the organization.

The versatile Model 572 BDL Fieldmaster is one of the most popular pump-action .22 rimfires made in America today. It handles .22 short, .22 long and .22 long rifle cartridges interchangeably. Other features include big-game sights, a positive cross-bolt safety and a grooved receiver for scope mounts.

The lightning-quick Model 552 BDL Speedmaster is the only American-made .22 autoloader that handles .22 short, long and long rifle cartridges interchangeably. It's also equipped with iron sights, a positive cross-bolt safety and a receiver grooved for scope mounts.

Tikka Iron Sights

Available in 22 LR, 17 HMR and 22 WMR (17 HMR and 22 WMR without iron sights)

Model 597™ Features:

• Bolt-guidance system features twin, tool-steel guide rails

• Offered in both textured finish synthetic or laminated wood stocks

• Non-glare matte finish

• Patented, 10-shot metal detachable magazine, 8-shot for magnum

• Last-shot"hold open" bolt for added safety

Available in 22 LR, 17 HMR and 22 WMR (17 HMR and 22 WMR without iron sights)

For full caliber listings and specifications, see page 84.

Remington 597 For Sale
Model 597™ LS HB
Remington HmrRemington Genisis Breech Plug

THE NEXT GENERATION OF MUZZLELOADING EFFICIENCY. Magnum power, easy cleaning and legendary Remington® accuracy in a hot new design that defines reliable. Our innovative TorchCam™ action rotates from the fixed breech for fast priming and locks your 209 primer in a vault of weather resistance. It delivers rapid, super-hot ignition in the most extreme conditions. And to clean, simply unscrew the breech plug, swab the barrel and you're finished.

We've stretched the limits of muzzleloader performance. With a full 28" of powder-burning steel, the Genesis generates maximum velocity from magnum 150-grain charges. And you get the swift-handling characteristics of a much shorter gun - the ultra-compact design of the TorchCam™ action keeps overall length and weight to a minimum. The barrel's 1-in-28" twist provides optimum stability for sabots and other modern muzzleloading projectiles.

Our TorchCam™ action was designed with safety in mind. The over-travel hammer never comes in contact with the firing pin unless the gun is fully cocked and the trigger is pulled. A crossbolt safety adds extra assurance. Our ambidextrous HammerSpur offers right- and left-handed shooters a rigid grip through cocking and hammer letdown without scope interference.

From the base model equipped with a standard synthetic stock and blued barrel to our super-stable thumbhole models with stainless, fluted barrels, this lineup includes a muzzleloader to suit the preferences and budget of every hunter.

The Genesis Muzzleloader. Revolutionary camming action - built on our rock-solid foundation of accuracy and dependability.

TorchCam™ Action

Remington Genisis Breech Plug

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Breech Plug For Genesis Muzzle Loader


Genesis™ Muzzleloader Features:

• Revolutionary new camming TorchCam™ action - superfast priming, weather-resistant and easy to clean

• The action channels maximum fire from the 209 primer for rapid ignition in the most extreme conditions

• Velocity-boosting 28" barrel ensures full burn of magnum 150-grain charges

• Ambidextrous HammerSpur

• Williams™ fiber-optic sights

• Drilled and tapped for scope mounts

• Aluminum anodized ramrod with jag

• Front and rear swivel studs

• Crossbolt safety

• Removable breech plug

• Bullet guiding muzzle

• Optimized for use with Remington Kleanbore® 209 Muzzleloading Primers

Double Barrel Muzzleloader 209 Primer

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Genesis™ MLS Camo


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Genesis™ ML

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