Model Mini Dehumidifier

• Compact unit attracts and holds moisture through water crystal technology to protect gun safes and cabinets

• Protects 30-60 days before recharging is necessary

• Self-contained unit requires no wiring or extension cords

• Indicator window lets consumer know when to recharge

• Recharges easily in a few hours

• Releases moisture trapped in water crystals


• Works by gently warming the air inside your safe which helps in minimizing moisture

• 6' cord comes with easily assembled plug to allow installation using a small hole in back of safe

• Protects even up to 200 cubic feet - more than enough for the largest gun safes


• Removes moisture to prevent rust corrosion and eliminates odors in gun safes and cabinets

• Tear resistant Tyvek® packaging is leak-proof

• No electricity required, easy to read indicator

• Rechargeable for multiple uses, non-toxic

• Clamshell packaging can stand or peg

• Protects up to 35 cu. ft. of enclosed space

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