Model Sp

autoloading shotguns

Magnum Satin

A PERFECT 10. It's America's most popular gas operated 10-gauge shotgun for a reason. A smooth shooter, the Model SP-10™ features a corrosion-resistant gas system, in which the cylinder - not the piston - moves, helping to soften the recoil. Designed to hunt in any conditions, the Model SP-10 delivers maximum payload wherever you need it.

This heavy-hitter is available fully decked in Mossy Oak® Obsession™ with a 26" barrel, and in matte black/satin American walnut with a 30" barrel. Both feature vent ribs and come with interchangeable full and modified Rem™ Chokes. The addition of an R3® recoil pad with LimbSaver® patented technology makes it more comfortable to shoot than ever.

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