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700 Titanium Ultimate Lightweight Rifle

LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION. "LIGHTS OUT" PERFORMANCE. High country demands high standards, that's why we've built the phenomenally light Model 700™ Titanium. Weighing only 5 V2 pounds long action, 5 V4 pounds short action, and 6 3/» pounds magnum - it's the ultimate rifle for high-altitude spot and stalk hunting. The key to its feathery feel starts with a titanium receiver that's impervious to weather (drilled and tapped for mounts). Titanium delivers incredible strength, but at a lighter weight than steel. Complementing the receiver is a bolt featuring spiral-cut flutes and a skeleton handle - both of which further reduce the overall weight. Finally, the stainless-steel barrel features a trim mountain-style contour (non-magnum calibers only) and is fitted in an ultra-lightweight, Bell & Carlson carbon-fiber composite stock reinforced with aramid fibers and fitted with sling swivel studs.

For wilderness or high country pack-in hunts that involve rigorous hiking, we make the appropriately named Model 700 Mountain Rifles. Extremely lightweight, they feature trim stocks and tapered barrels to deliver fast, carbine-like handling with full-bore range and accuracy.

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