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2 3/4" FIELD LOADS TO 3 1/2" MAGNUMS - AN AUTOMATIC CHOICE FOR FIELD, WOODS AND WATER. Remington is proud to launch an autoloading shotgun with this incredible value for today's hunter. We've made it affordable to own an autoloader that handles everything from 2 3/»" field loads to 3 V2" magnum rounds. For a morning's dove shoot with No. 8s, pounding ducks with steel 2s or anchoring a tom with a heavy payload of No. 4, its tunable gas system delivers smooth cycling and softens felt recoil for fast follow-up shots. Dual extractors on the bolt face ensure reliable, ultra-positive ejection.

The vent rib barrel and receiver have a matte finish for non-glare concealment. Its black synthetic stock is impervious to the elements and stands up to abuse. And it comes from the factory with four choke tubes - improved cyclinder, modified, full and super-full - to cover a season of applications.

We just made your next shotgun purchase an automatic decision - no matter what you're hunting for.

■ The classic field stock features machine cut checkering, traditional white diamond grip cap, white line spacers and one-piece butt plate

■ A great choice for an upland autoloader, with light weight, fast handling, low recoil and great balance

■ Available in 12-, 16-, 20-, 28-gauge and .410 bore

For complete model listings and specifications, see page 87.

SPR 453 Features:

• Dependable operation with lighter 2 3A" loads to heavy 3 'A" magnums

• Dual extractors on bolt face

• Supplied with four extended screw-in SPR choke tubes - improved cylinder, modified, full and super-full turkey (all tubes are steel approved)

• 24", 26" and 28" vent rib barrels

• Tunable gas system delivers smooth cycling and softens felt recoil

• Offered in both black synthetic and Mossy Oak Break-Up® stock and fore-end

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