No Scope Readjustment Necessary

Remington® Managed-Recoil™ Point of Impact is nearly identical to full velocity loads.

Point of Impact comparison at 100 yards.

30-06 Sprg. 125-grain Managed-Recoil" | 30-06 Sprg. 150-grain PSP Core-Lokt May not operate all recoil or gas-operated firearms.

Fully effective energy and expansion out to 200 yards:

50 Yards

100 Yards

150 Yards

200 Yards

Managed-Recoil™ Features:

• Fully effective hunting performance with less than 50% of the recoil of standard cartridges

• Less anticipation of recoil

• Increased shooter confidence and improved shot placement

• Quicker scope recovery for a faster second shot placement

• Point of aim is within 2" of a standard cartridge at 100 yards

• Target practice without the recoil pounding

• Specially designed bullets are optimized to deliver 2x expansion with over 75% weight retention on shots out to 200 yards

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