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The BuckHammer® Lead Slug exhibits impressive accuracy by putting 100 shots inside an amazing 3 /2" group at 100 yards. (2/", 1 oz. 20-gauge)

The innovative design of the stabilizer allows the BuckHammer® to deliver 3" groups at 100 yards with 13% more energy than any other lead slug on the market. (3", 13h oz. 12-gauge)


The BuchHammer's 1 3/s-ounce (600 gr.) lead slug offers near 100% weight retention with full 12 ga. (.73 cal.) diameter.

The BuckHammer® Lead Slug features an impressive mushroom progression. This expansion creates devastating on-game performance.

25 Yards

50 Yards

75 Yards

100 Yards 125 Yards

100 Yards 125 Yards

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