Target Loads


Designed for long yardage trapshooting and long range sporting clays, our new powder, wad and primer mix have improved the Nitro 27's performance, allowing more consistent velocities, 15% better pattern performance and softer recoil. So if you're looking for tremendous target-breaking performance choose the improved Nitro 27.


An excellent choice for economical shooting. These high-quality shells are loaded with the same care as our top-of-the-line loads and now feature the reliable STS® Primer. Many shooters are discovering that they can get acceptable reloading life while stretching their shooting dollar.

Competitors at the Grand choose Remington® as their winning ammunition. Great champions think alike. For the third year in a row, shooters who used Remington shells won more trophies than competitors using other brands at the 2005 ATA Grand American World Trapshooting Championship. Remington not only out-performed other ammunition in the competition, but it also sold more than any other brand at the Grand. And for good reason! Remington STS® and Nitro 27® target loads provide softer recoil, better pattern performance, and frrfrff^ more consistent velocities (not to mention the most reloadable hull on the market). Isn't it time you switch to Remington and step into the winner's circle?

PREMIER® STS® TARGET. The standard in target shooting reliability. Absolutely consistent from shot to shot. Bar none, the most reliable, most reloadable shells you can shoot. Available in 12, 20, 28 and 410.


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