NITRO PHEASANT™ LOADS. For pattern, energy and performance, nobody beats Nitro Pheasant. The best of our Pheasant load offerings, Nitro Pheasant uses Remington's own Copper-Lokt® copper-plated lead shot with high antimony content, the hardest lead we make for hunting. Hard shot stays rounder for truer flight, tighter patterns and greater penetration. So when it comes to bringing down tough birds like pheasant, you need a load that delivers maximum pattern density and lethal energy - you need Nitro Pheasant. Available in both high velocity and magnum loadings in both 12- and 20-gauge.

PHEASANT LOADS. For the broadest selection in game-specific Upland lead shotshells, Remington® Pheasant Loads are the perfect choice. Their high velocity and long-range performance are just right for any pheasant hunting situation. Standard high base payloads include 12-, 16-, and 20-gauge.

EXPRESS® EXTRA LONG RANGE LOADS. Time-proven performance for all upland game. The choice of experienced small game hunters across the country because our Express line offers the best balance of payload and performance. Available in a broad selection of loadings - from 12-gauge to 410 bore - with shot sizes ranging from BB all the way down to 9.



SHURSHOT® HIGH BASE PHEASANT LOADS. The renowned ShurShot brand is available in a new high base offering. ShurShot High Base Pheasant offers an ideal balance of velocity and payload to create near perfect patterns, while its lower recoil helps to minimize fatigue over a long day in the field.

LEAD GAME LOADS. Budget-stretching shotshells for a wide variety of hunting. Available in 410 bore, 20-, 16- and 12-gauge loadings.

SPORT LOADS. Economical, multi-purpose loads. Built with our premium Power Piston® wad and plastic Unibody hulls. Loaded with No. 8 shot. Ideal for skeet, trap and sporting clays, as well as quail, doves and woodcock.

Index/ EDI No.


Shell Length

Velocity (ft./sec. e 3 ft.)

Ounces Of Shot

Shot Sizes 1


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