To Clean The Barrel

WARNING: Check the chamber and magazine to make sure there are no cartridges in the firearm.

1. Use the instructions and the equipment provided in a good cleaning kit. For recommendations, see your Remington Authorized Gunsmith.

2. Select the correct caliber cleaning brush and attach the brush to the cleaning rod.

3. Put the cleaning brush into the gun cleaning solvent.

4. Push the cleaning brush through the barrel several times. NOTE: Always clean the barrel from the muzzle to the chamber.

5. Remove the brush from the rod. Attach tip with correct size cleaning patch and push through the bore.

6. Repeat several times using a new cleaning patch each time, until the patch is not dirty.

7. Push a clean patch saturated with Remâ„¢ Oil through the barrel.

8. Push a clean, dry patch through the barrel to remove excess lubricant.

9. Apply a thin coat of Remâ„¢ Oil to the outside of the barrel with a soft, clean cloth. WARNING: After cleaning, make sure the barrel is free of obstructions.

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