Your Owners Manual

Always keep this manual with your shotgun. Make sure you understand all the warnings, operation instructions and safety procedures. When you lend, give or sell the firearm, be sure this manual goes with it. You can get a copy of this manual from Remington upon request.


Premier® Over and Under Shotgun Exploded View

Over Under Shotgun And Components
List of Premier® Over and Under Components


29.firing pin spring

54.trigger plate

79.single trigger safety spring

2.ejector spring

30.lower firing pin

55.hammer pin

80.inertia block

3.ejector spring guide lever spring

56.trigger pin

81.inertia block spring

4.left ejector

32.upper firing pin

57.trigger guard stop pin

82.single trigger pin

5.right ejector

33.firing pin spring

58.right trigger

83.single trigger

6.left ejector catch-plate

34.locking bolt

59.left trigger

84.forearm catch spring

7.right ejector catch-plate spring

60.trigger guard

85.forearm catch spring guide

8.catch-plate stop piston spring

36.sear spring

61.stock bolt washer

86.forearm catch

9.catch-plate stop piston


62.stock bolt lock washer

87.forearm catch screw

10joint pin plate

63.stock bolt

88.left ejector hammer

11joint pin stop pin lever spring guide (outside)

64.stock sling swivel

89.cocking bar spring guide

12.front sling swivel lever spring guide (inside)

65.butt plate screws

91.cocking bar spring swivel screw lever spring contrast screw

66.butt plate

92.cocking bar

14.front sight

42.trigger plate assembling pin


93.hammer spring guides nut

15.fore-end hinge screw lever stop pin

68.automatic safety bar

94.hammer spring guide washer

16.cocking hook

44.firing pin stop pin


95.fore-end nut

17.fore-end iron


70.extractor stop screw

96.choke tube

18.cocking hook screw

46.right trigger plate


97.choke tube

19.forearm wood

47.left trigger plate level stop spring lever

48.hammers spring lever stop pin

25.sears pin

49.hammer spring guide lever releasing pin spring pin

50.left hammer

75.single trigger safety button

51.right hammer block

28.strap screw

52.right cocking bar

77.block spring

53.left cocking bar position ball

Never install or remove choke tubes while the firearm is loaded. Only install or remove choke tubes with the firearm unloaded, the action open and the trigger block safely engaged.

ProBore™ Chokes Symbols/Markings

(This is an option - not all Premier® Over and Under shotguns have this feature)

The end of the choke tubes are marked with notches to identify the choke construction:

// - Improved Modified /// - Light Modified //// - Modified ///// - Improved Cylinder //////- Full



Shooting with a loose choke tube can cause damage to your shotgun.

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