Barrel Changing And Its Adjustments

One of the commonest major operations on guns is barrel replacement. When the new barrel is a factory standard for the gun in the case this is usually a simple job on rifle or shotgun, as these factory barrels practically always screw right up to the proper place.

Removing the old barrel is not always so simple. If it is an octagon barrel, remove the tubular magazine, if the rifle is so equipped, and withdraw the breech-bolt far enough so that the extractor clears its slot in the end of the barrel by a safe margin. Next, place copper jaw-facings on the bench vise jaws and grip the barrel tightly in the vise, with the receiver close to the jaws. Pad the sides of the receiver with heavy cardboard, sheet lead or copper and place a heavy monkey-wrench on the receiver, being careful to place it as close to the front edge of the receiver as possible, so as to avoid crushing in the thin sides of the receiver back of the receiver ring. In the event that a monkey-wrench is not available, a smooth-jawed machine vise of 2 y2" to 3" width can be used, by turning it upside down and clamping it onto the receiver, and then clamping an old rifle barrel or a piece of steel shafting on the bottom of it with C-clamps of a heavy type, so that the old barrel forms a handle.

If the receiver resists all your attempts to unscrew it

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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